Where to buy Collectible Steiff Bears


steiff-bearsCollectible Steiff bears are all the rage and why not? They’re cute, interesting and have quite the story to match. You’d be surprised and really curious about some of these much coveted pieces. Have you ever heard of a toy that fought alongside a World War II survivor? How about a diamond and sapphire eyed bear? Or perhaps a $2.1 million teddy decked in a full on Louis Vuitton ensemble?

See, these collectibles have quite the punch to them. Sure some may be skyrocket pricey but others are quite reasonable and won’t cost a newbie collector a fortune.

Then a question bubbles up in your head. Where exactly do you buy them? We’ve rounded up some places for you to begin your search.

  • Toy Shops – It’ll be particularly difficult to impossible if you head to the mall’s department store. The bears you’ll find in there are the mass produced models. If you want a collectible then you’re better bet is at toy and specialty shops. Many of them carry rare and limited edition pieces.
  • Garage Sale – You’ll be surprised to know that treasures can be found in other people’s old stuff. Sometimes, people don’t know the value of the things they have or they’re simply not interested enough. It may take some patience and an ounce of luck but it’s not a bad place to look. Likewise, you might end up finding gold at flea markets too.
  • Antique Shops – The items you’ll find here may seem odd and mismatched but don’t be afraid to look. Ask if you must too. The shop’s caretaker could lead you to the teddy you’ve been looking for. After all, many collectible teddy bears are of the vintage kind.
  • Online Stores – With the power of the internet, what’s there to stop you from online shopping? It’s convenient and fast at a click of a button. Searching is easier too with the right keywords on your search engine. Just be cautious though and avoid transacting with shady sellers.
  • Auctions – If you’re in for the real deal then auctions are for you. Many of the best and most prized collectible teddy bears are auctioned off from all over the globe. Although others are still done the traditional way, online auctions have become a thing too. But if you’re not yet up for that much action, you can begin bidding at Ebay auctions.

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