We Showed Kids Pictures of Steiff Bears and Here are Their Reactions


page_steiff2They say if you’ve got a problem, one of the best things to do is to talk to a six year old. They’d give you the most unexpected, unfiltered and innocent life advice that’ll blow you away. With such thought in mind, we then tasked ourselves to do the same but instead of talking about an adult issue we decided to show them pictures of collectible and highly valued Steiff bears. Here’s what they had to say.

“My mommy will let me play with it if I ask her properly.”

Let’s be honest here. Many collectible teddy bears are vintage finds and some of them are too fragile or expensive for usual play especially in the hands of a child. They’re more for display to say it simply. When we told one of the five year olds about this, he insisted that he could play with them only if he asks his mom nicely. How cute and innocent!

“I want her Tiara!”

As Queen Elizabeth II surpassed the late Queen Victoria and became the longest ruling British monarch of history, Steiff designed a special bear to celebrate the event. The Schulte mohair bear was dressed in a royal blue coronation robe with spotted edging. It even had a matching crown. Of course, no child would let this go by and seriously wonder if they too can have one of those crowns.

“Is she hard then?”

The Diamond Eyes teddy bear was made to celebrate Steiff’s 125th anniversary. Only 125 pieces were made, each with a price tag of $84,000. It’s got golden thread for fur, a golden snout and eyes made of diamond and sapphires. Because of that, one of the children wondered if the toy is actually hard instead of cuddly. No worries, kid. It’s the latter.

“I hope she didn’t get hit.”

Teddy Girl is a cinnamon Steiff teddy bear from 1904. It was once owned by Colonel Bob Henderson, a member of the British army who fought in World War II with the toy tucked to his side. The richly documented history made it truly one of a kind and one of the most expensive Steiff bears to date. When shown to one of the kids, he was so worried to know that the toy went to war and wondered if it got any injury. It didn’t. It was passed on to Colonel Henderson’s daughter as an heirloom before it was sold off in an auction.