The Steiff Queen Elizabeth Toy Charm


You may have already heard of the Steiff Queen Elizabeth toy recently released as a commemoration of the British monarch’s milestone of achieving two huge feats on the 9th of September 2015.

During the said date, her majesty is deemed as the world’s longest living monarch and the longest reigning British ruler to have ever lived. She overtakes the late Queen Victoria of the well known Victorian era who ruled for a whopping period of sixty three years, seven months and two days.

As per tradition, Steiff, the renowned German company manufactured a bear in honor of the Queen. Just like most commemoration pieces, the toy is a limited edition release as seen and presented by its gold plated ‘knopf im ohr’ (button in ear) and white and red fabric tag. There are only two thousand and fifteen pieces manufactured of it.

Apart from its rarity, exclusivity and symbolism, the Steiff Queen Elizabeth toy boasts of a charm like no other which is highly attributed to specific design features that were manufactured and built into it.

  1. Steiff-queen-elizabeth-teddy-bearMusical Bear – Probably its most special feature, the Queen Elizabeth bear plays the National Anthem “God Save the Queen”. Embroidery of a musical staff, a treble clef, a time signature and notes appear in gold thread, sewn in one of its lower paws.
  2. Schulte Mohair – Dubbed as the ‘diamond fiber’, silk-like white mohair was used on the toy giving it a soft texture and a high luster and sheen appearance. The luxurious fabric made from the hair of the Angora goat is also both resilient and durable making it the perfect material for any stuffed animal.
  3. Facial Features – Keeping up with its classic and regal aesthetic, the toy’s snout is a dark shade of brown. The eyes are a combination of brown and black.
  4. Structure – The five jointed teddy bear measures about thirty centimeters in height or roughly twelve inches.
  5. Royal Attire – To complete the overall look, the toy is dressed with a deep blue royal coronation robe with spotted plush edging. On top of its head is a metal crowned bedecked with sparkling crystals.

If you happen to be a collector and find yourself hooked with the Steiff Queen Elizabeth toy charm, you better scour the online ( and physical shops for the said collectible. Given its rarity and aforementioned features, they are not bound to last long in the market.