The Perks of Having Stuffed Toys


steiffToys are often bought for purposes of play but apart from the entertainment they give, it’s the functional aspect of it all that truly separates the versatile from the not so. Today, we’re here to discuss about one of the highest selling toys in the world and what other benefits they render apart from fun. With the team at, we give you the following perks of owning and playing with stuffed toys.

It provides for sensory introduction. For babies and toddlers, a lot has to be learned regarding mobility and the senses. Stuffed toys are not only soft and cuddly but they too come in various colors, patterns, sizes and textures which aid in a child’s being accustomed to smell, touch, taste, sight and sound.

They aid in word and sound familiarity. Since most stuffed toys come in the shape of animals, they help in making kids recognize words like dog, cat, elephant, bear and the like alongside the sounds they make. This is one of the early stepping stones to language development and education.

It practices empathy and helps develop values. Kids can be taught the value of empathy and certain values with the help of their favorite stuffed animals. Simple things such as not throwing them as well as acts of endearment like hugging can be introduced. Plus, they are able to develop and associate feelings and emotions. Remember how we all have a favorite bear that we talk to, dress up and hug every night?

They encourage role play. Humans learn through imitation. Take speaking for example. We imitate the sounds we hear from our parents and our surroundings. The same is true for walking, writing, drawing and the list goes on. These silent friends are a means for children to play pretend which enables them to learn not only motor skills but also foster imagination and creativity.

It’s a friend. Many children talk and share their day to their cuddly friends. Stuffed toys are like pets in a way. This makes them a really effective de-stressing tool for kids. Research even shows that many children are able to calmly and effectively release stress and negative emotion with the help of these items.

They boost IQ and EQ. Because these toys help foster imagination, creativity, empathy, healthy emotions and understanding among others, it helps give children develop better IQ and EQ levels as they grow up.