Stop Your Stuffed Animals from Getting Old


steiff stuffed animalA lot of things get old with time. We all do. But just because the numbers pile up doesn’t mean that it has to show. Sometimes, even the old can still look brand new or at least younger than they really are. Possible? Yes, but with the help of proper care and maintenance. Such is the case for stuffed animals.
These childhood friends may not exactly grow up physically like we do but they can age as time goes by. Wear and tear can show its effects but not if we can help it. Here are ways on how you can preserve and keep those cuddly stuffed animals looking spanking brand new you could even pass it on to your children’s children.
1. Keep them well stored. Some stuffed animals are for play while others are more for display as is with the case of collectibles. Regardless, proper and adequate storage create a huge impact in ensuring that they retain their quality over time. There are many options out there from standard cabinets to open shelving to toy boxes to glass door cabinets and so on and so forth. Choose one that best suits your pieces.
2. Stir clear of moisture. Avoid spots that tend to pack on humidity. Never store stuffed animals inside plastic bags either. When moisture builds up, it encourages the growth of molds which can rot the toys and damage them for good.

3. Avoid heat at all costs. Heat comes in many forms. There’s direct sunlight or warm water for cleaning to name two. They may not initially pose as a threat but they can actually cause serious damage to the toys. For one, they can melt or soften certain accessories like buttons or loosen up their adhesive making them fall off. But in most cases, heat dulls the color of stuffed animals.
4. Keep them clean and pristine. Make sure to wash them accordingly and as per the care instructions provided by the manufacturer. Generally all you’ll ever need is lukewarm water, mild detergent with no traces of bleach and a mesh bag or pillow case to stuff the toy in when machine washing. Keeping them clean ensures that dirt is removed and there are no traces of bugs.
5. Repair damages stat. If you see any damages like a loose hem or a broken limb, repair the stuffed animals immediately to avoid the issue from getting worse.