Reminders When Buying Toys for Kids


steiffAre you buying any toys for your kids, a sibling or any child for that matter? If so then these reminders from will surely come handy.

  1. Check for age appropriateness. Not all toys are meant to be played by every kid. This is why checking for the age recommendation on the toy’s tag is necessary while you shop. Also, be sure that the toy is not too small for the kid to fit in their mouth or too big and heavy that it can pin them down.
  2. Check for toxic materials and chemicals too. Read the labels and packaging properly. You want to make sure that the items are free from any toxic chemicals. Keep your eyes particularly peeled for lead as it is a dangerous chemical found in paint.
  3. Avoid any choking hazards. You only want the best and by that you mean safe. Again, stir clear of anything that will go straight into their mouth. Kids especially toddlers are fond of putting things in their mouth as taste is one of the first senses that they encounter.
  4. Stir clear of strangulation hazards. Toys with cords, strings and long ribbons are prone to such risks. As a rule of thumb, avoid buying an item that comes with four inch and longer strings and the like.
  5. Be careful with sharp edges. Anything that has sharp parts to it must in fact be kept at bay. They are likely to hut children or worse cause some eye injury which would totally be painful and dangerous.
  6. Check for any recalls. Do your own fair share of research and check if the toy you are buying has already been recalled. These are items that have been deemed and unsafe and you are to stay away from them at all costs.
  7. Opt for educational pieces. Not only should they be fun but it would be great if they double up to teach children something. Do you agree? There are musical bears that teach children to count or to do their ABCs for example.
  8. Choose toys that encourage motor skills and imagination. Go for pieces that require the use of their hands, fingers and feet such as building blocks. If they are big enough around the ages 8 to 10 then Lego pieces and puzzles would be ideal. For imagination and creativity, stuffed toys would be great as they encourage role playing.