Pros and Cons to Collectible Teddy Bears


steiff amelia collectible bearHumans have a penchant for being sentimental and it’s not surprising to see someone with a stash of stuff they love. How about you? What do you love collecting? For some that would be collectible teddy bears.

Now how different are they from regular teddies? Simple. These toys are rare either because they are vintage or because they are limited edition designs. In the rarest of cases it can be both.

Becoming a collector does have its pros and cons and if you are considering to start your own stash of collectible teddy bears then here is a list of pros and cons to consider.


  • They’re cute and cuddly. These alone says a lot about how adorable they are. Simply put, they bring happiness and joy to whoever owns them. Whether you stare or touch, they’re a bundle of joy.
  • They are valuable. Many famous collectors consider these toys as investments and they truly are in all sense of the world. Their collections can easily fetch millions of dollars, that is if they ever decide to sell. Not bad eh?
  • They are historical keepsakes. Many vintage toys aren’t just items of the past. Some of them were manufactured during significant points in history for example during the commemoration of the sinking of the RMS Titanic. Others were even owned by prominent men and women we can only read in books.
  • Nobody else has them. If any, they’re only available to a select few. They are rare after all. Some are one of a kind in the most literal sense possible while others come in only a few pieces. There’s a weird sense of fulfillment that comes with that for a lot of collectors.


  • They can be tough to maintain. Vintage pieces need extra care and caution when handling as some of them may already be sensitive. Other limited edition pieces may need special storage and cleaning as well particularly if they are made of valuable materials like precious stones and metals.
  • They come with a price. Being valuable is a double edged sword. As much as they can be an investment of sorts, collectible teddy bears cost a lot. While some are more affordable than others. Most can easily fetch at least a thousand dollars. Sometimes they can even reach seven digits. No kidding.
  • They can be addicting. Once you start amassing collectible teddy bears, it can be hard to stop. Trust us. We’ve been there.