Interesting Steiff Bear Models of All Time


limited steiff bearThe Steiff bear has long been renowned for its durability and classic designs. Its lengthy and interesting story spans long decades. It would not suffice to simply call it extraordinary. It is in its own a legend. Today, we still see a lot of Steiff bears sprawled across shelves upon shelves in toy stores, in our own rooms, in online stores like and even amongst collector shelves. Have you ever wondered what some of the most interesting Steiff bear models of all time are? If you did then you might find the following pretty interesting.

Teddy Girl

Cinnamon centre-seamed Teddy Girl became famous due to its very interesting story. The toy was previously owned by Colonel Bob Henderson of the Royal Scots Regiment back in 1904. It was said that he fought during the World War II with the toy by his side, particularly in his tunic pocket. Originally, the toy was referred to as “Teddy Boy” up until Colonel Bob gifted it to his daughter who dressed it up in a frock thus the name.

The Louis Vuitton Steiff Bear

Selling for a whopping $2.1 million in Monaco’s “Les Teddies de l’an” charity auction back in the 14th of October 2000, this toy fully clad in a Louis Vuitton ensemble is by far the world’s most expensive teddy bear to date. It is adorned with clothes, a beret and a mini suitcase adorned with the popular and ‘LV’ insignia. What makes this one interesting is the fact that the toy is not adorned with any other valuable material such as gemstones and precious metals but it still managed to rake up such a high bid. It is currently housed in the Teddy Bear Museum in Jeju, Korea and owned by Jessie Kim.

The Black Titanic Bear

After the RMS Titanic disaster of April 1912, the company manufactured six hundred black mohaired mourning bears in five different sizes especially for the British market to show empathy for the loss of the ship’s passengers. One of these commemorative toys was sold in Christie’s Auction House in London, South Kensington on December 4, 2000. Such was its rarity and good condition that it racked up a price of $136,000.00.

The Diamond Eyed Bear

To commemorate its 125th anniversary, Steiff manufactured a rather luxurious and interesting toy. This twenty inch tall Steiff bear is made of luxurious and silky fur that is 70% mohair and 30% silk. The silk is in fact made of hand stitched gold yarn that took 20 hours to make per meter at a cost of £850/meter. It is richly stuffed with excelsior. Its eyes are breathtakingly made of sapphires surrounded by Russian cut diamonds set in 18 carat yellow gold. The nose and mouth and the button in the ear is made of 24 carat gold. It is also adorned with a 24 carat gold medallion. Its current value is $84,000.

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