Here’s a Rundown When Shopping Stuffed Animals for Your Kids

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stuffed toy shoppingWe all love a good shopping spree, case in point presents for your children, your nephews, nieces, siblings, godchildren and a kid special to you in general. But there’s more to shopping for toys and stuffed animals than meets the eye. The chore may sound simple but it comes with a whole lot of responsibility.

You see, safety must always accompany every item that’s given to a child. They are after all not the most practical of beings, at least at this point in time. You need to think for them. You have to be responsible. This is why we’ve made a rundown of the various reminders to take note of when shopping toys and stuffed animals for kids.

  • Keep it age appropriate. – There’s a reason why the items in shops are labeled. Oftentimes, you’ll see a tag that suggests the age bracket to which the toys are intended for. Just because something is labeled as a plaything doesn’t mean that it’s meant for everyone. Think about it this way, would an item for a ten year old be enjoyed by a two year old and vice versa? Will their size and weight be proportional?
  • Be aware of their interests. – Children can be quite the picky bunch. They’re pretty straightforward too so they’ll voice out their opinion regardless if it hurts your feelings or not. If you want your present to be appreciated, it helps to look into the child’s likes. For example, what colors do they prefer? What other toys do they already have?
  • See to it that they’re non-toxic. – Look for the label that says that the item has passed the safety standards and are toxic free. Some companies do not uphold quality and safety as others do so you need to be vigilant on your own. It also pays to research about the product as well. This shouldn’t be as hard anymore given the internet.
  • Avoid choking hazards. – Kids love to put everything in their mouths without any regard. This makes it all the more important to stay clear of stuffed toys that pose any choking hazards. For example, easily detached buttons and eyes and unsecured ribbons or laces that are six inches or more in length.
  • Always go for what’s durable. – Children aren’t the most careful of beings. They’ll drag, carry, hug, squish and pretty much do everything they can with the stuffed animals all day. Wear and tear is bound to happen but go for the toy that’s the most durable. They’ll last longer.