The Perks of Having Stuffed Toys


steiffToys are often bought for purposes of play but apart from the entertainment they give, it’s the functional aspect of it all that truly separates the versatile from the not so. Today, we’re here to discuss about one of the highest selling toys in the world and what other benefits they render apart from fun. With the team at, we give you the following perks of owning and playing with stuffed toys.

It provides for sensory introduction. For babies and toddlers, a lot has to be learned regarding mobility and the senses. Stuffed toys are not only soft and cuddly but they too come in various colors, patterns, sizes and textures which aid in a child’s being accustomed to smell, touch, taste, sight and sound.

They aid in word and sound familiarity. Since most stuffed toys come in the shape of animals, they help in making kids recognize words like dog, cat, elephant, bear and the like alongside the sounds they make. This is one of the early stepping stones to language development and education.

It practices empathy and helps develop values. Kids can be taught the value of empathy and certain values with the help of their favorite stuffed animals. Simple things such as not throwing them as well as acts of endearment like hugging can be introduced. Plus, they are able to develop and associate feelings and emotions. Remember how we all have a favorite bear that we talk to, dress up and hug every night?

They encourage role play. Humans learn through imitation. Take speaking for example. We imitate the sounds we hear from our parents and our surroundings. The same is true for walking, writing, drawing and the list goes on. These silent friends are a means for children to play pretend which enables them to learn not only motor skills but also foster imagination and creativity.

It’s a friend. Many children talk and share their day to their cuddly friends. Stuffed toys are like pets in a way. This makes them a really effective de-stressing tool for kids. Research even shows that many children are able to calmly and effectively release stress and negative emotion with the help of these items.

They boost IQ and EQ. Because these toys help foster imagination, creativity, empathy, healthy emotions and understanding among others, it helps give children develop better IQ and EQ levels as they grow up.

Questions to Ask When You Shop for Collectible Teddy Bears


collectible bearsShopping for collectible teddy bears, like Steiff, is quite a fun and therapeutic thing to do, regardless if you’re going for the vintage and limited edition pieces or the more modern designs. There’s simply something about the toy that’s purely captivating. If you’re planning to start your own collection or you’re on your way to buy a present, below are a few questions to ask yourself before you head on out and buy.

“What type of Steiff bear do I want?”

Limited edition, vintage or modern? Which among the three are you going for? It is important that you are fully aware of what you need and want because truth be told, it can get pretty overwhelming. With so many to choose from, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if you get flat out surprised and confused. So before anything else, make a mental and literal list of the toy you’d like to buy so we can cut the chase and save time.

“How much budget do I have?”

Depending on the type, age and exclusivity of the toy, the budget needed can vary. This makes it crucial that you establish your spending capacity and limits beforehand. You do not want to shell out more than you are supposed to. At the end of the day, it’s still about smart shopping.

“Where can I buy one?”

There are many places where you can buy Steiff teddy bears. There are the usual toy shops, gift shops and department stores. Online shops and even auctions are a thing now and if you’re lucky, you can spot some pieces in garage sales and vintage or antique stores.

“Is the seller trustworthy?”

This is one of the things that you have to make sure of when you transact. Because Steiff bears, especially vintage and limited editions, are quite the catch the attention they get is quite magnanimous as well. This is why you have to keep your guards up and only deal and buy from trusted sellers. Better safe than sorry! Research and ask around about the seller or shop. Read reviews and feedback.

“Are the toys authentic?”

Be knowledgeable enough about Steiff teddy bears so you can easily distinguish an authentic from a fake one. You wouldn’t want to spend your cash on something that is posing to be an original. Research and arm yourself well. There are so many articles all over the internet that can help you with this. Click here!

Reminders When Buying Toys for Kids


steiffAre you buying any toys for your kids, a sibling or any child for that matter? If so then these reminders from will surely come handy.

  1. Check for age appropriateness. Not all toys are meant to be played by every kid. This is why checking for the age recommendation on the toy’s tag is necessary while you shop. Also, be sure that the toy is not too small for the kid to fit in their mouth or too big and heavy that it can pin them down.
  2. Check for toxic materials and chemicals too. Read the labels and packaging properly. You want to make sure that the items are free from any toxic chemicals. Keep your eyes particularly peeled for lead as it is a dangerous chemical found in paint.
  3. Avoid any choking hazards. You only want the best and by that you mean safe. Again, stir clear of anything that will go straight into their mouth. Kids especially toddlers are fond of putting things in their mouth as taste is one of the first senses that they encounter.
  4. Stir clear of strangulation hazards. Toys with cords, strings and long ribbons are prone to such risks. As a rule of thumb, avoid buying an item that comes with four inch and longer strings and the like.
  5. Be careful with sharp edges. Anything that has sharp parts to it must in fact be kept at bay. They are likely to hut children or worse cause some eye injury which would totally be painful and dangerous.
  6. Check for any recalls. Do your own fair share of research and check if the toy you are buying has already been recalled. These are items that have been deemed and unsafe and you are to stay away from them at all costs.
  7. Opt for educational pieces. Not only should they be fun but it would be great if they double up to teach children something. Do you agree? There are musical bears that teach children to count or to do their ABCs for example.
  8. Choose toys that encourage motor skills and imagination. Go for pieces that require the use of their hands, fingers and feet such as building blocks. If they are big enough around the ages 8 to 10 then Lego pieces and puzzles would be ideal. For imagination and creativity, stuffed toys would be great as they encourage role playing.

The Steiff Queen Elizabeth Toy Charm


You may have already heard of the Steiff Queen Elizabeth toy recently released as a commemoration of the British monarch’s milestone of achieving two huge feats on the 9th of September 2015.

During the said date, her majesty is deemed as the world’s longest living monarch and the longest reigning British ruler to have ever lived. She overtakes the late Queen Victoria of the well known Victorian era who ruled for a whopping period of sixty three years, seven months and two days.

As per tradition, Steiff, the renowned German company manufactured a bear in honor of the Queen. Just like most commemoration pieces, the toy is a limited edition release as seen and presented by its gold plated ‘knopf im ohr’ (button in ear) and white and red fabric tag. There are only two thousand and fifteen pieces manufactured of it.

Apart from its rarity, exclusivity and symbolism, the Steiff Queen Elizabeth toy boasts of a charm like no other which is highly attributed to specific design features that were manufactured and built into it.

  1. Steiff-queen-elizabeth-teddy-bearMusical Bear – Probably its most special feature, the Queen Elizabeth bear plays the National Anthem “God Save the Queen”. Embroidery of a musical staff, a treble clef, a time signature and notes appear in gold thread, sewn in one of its lower paws.
  2. Schulte Mohair – Dubbed as the ‘diamond fiber’, silk-like white mohair was used on the toy giving it a soft texture and a high luster and sheen appearance. The luxurious fabric made from the hair of the Angora goat is also both resilient and durable making it the perfect material for any stuffed animal.
  3. Facial Features – Keeping up with its classic and regal aesthetic, the toy’s snout is a dark shade of brown. The eyes are a combination of brown and black.
  4. Structure – The five jointed teddy bear measures about thirty centimeters in height or roughly twelve inches.
  5. Royal Attire – To complete the overall look, the toy is dressed with a deep blue royal coronation robe with spotted plush edging. On top of its head is a metal crowned bedecked with sparkling crystals.

If you happen to be a collector and find yourself hooked with the Steiff Queen Elizabeth toy charm, you better scour the online ( and physical shops for the said collectible. Given its rarity and aforementioned features, they are not bound to last long in the market.

Interesting Steiff Bear Models of All Time


limited steiff bearThe Steiff bear has long been renowned for its durability and classic designs. Its lengthy and interesting story spans long decades. It would not suffice to simply call it extraordinary. It is in its own a legend. Today, we still see a lot of Steiff bears sprawled across shelves upon shelves in toy stores, in our own rooms, in online stores like and even amongst collector shelves. Have you ever wondered what some of the most interesting Steiff bear models of all time are? If you did then you might find the following pretty interesting.

Teddy Girl

Cinnamon centre-seamed Teddy Girl became famous due to its very interesting story. The toy was previously owned by Colonel Bob Henderson of the Royal Scots Regiment back in 1904. It was said that he fought during the World War II with the toy by his side, particularly in his tunic pocket. Originally, the toy was referred to as “Teddy Boy” up until Colonel Bob gifted it to his daughter who dressed it up in a frock thus the name.

The Louis Vuitton Steiff Bear

Selling for a whopping $2.1 million in Monaco’s “Les Teddies de l’an” charity auction back in the 14th of October 2000, this toy fully clad in a Louis Vuitton ensemble is by far the world’s most expensive teddy bear to date. It is adorned with clothes, a beret and a mini suitcase adorned with the popular and ‘LV’ insignia. What makes this one interesting is the fact that the toy is not adorned with any other valuable material such as gemstones and precious metals but it still managed to rake up such a high bid. It is currently housed in the Teddy Bear Museum in Jeju, Korea and owned by Jessie Kim.

The Black Titanic Bear

After the RMS Titanic disaster of April 1912, the company manufactured six hundred black mohaired mourning bears in five different sizes especially for the British market to show empathy for the loss of the ship’s passengers. One of these commemorative toys was sold in Christie’s Auction House in London, South Kensington on December 4, 2000. Such was its rarity and good condition that it racked up a price of $136,000.00.

The Diamond Eyed Bear

To commemorate its 125th anniversary, Steiff manufactured a rather luxurious and interesting toy. This twenty inch tall Steiff bear is made of luxurious and silky fur that is 70% mohair and 30% silk. The silk is in fact made of hand stitched gold yarn that took 20 hours to make per meter at a cost of £850/meter. It is richly stuffed with excelsior. Its eyes are breathtakingly made of sapphires surrounded by Russian cut diamonds set in 18 carat yellow gold. The nose and mouth and the button in the ear is made of 24 carat gold. It is also adorned with a 24 carat gold medallion. Its current value is $84,000.

You can buy teddy bears online to get started with your collection now!